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A Girl Named Sherice and Her Firm Titties

Another great example of yummy little firm tits, sexy Sherice is a girl with a great look and a wonderful pair of small but very firm tits. Her Big A to small B cup tits are very tasty and quite full, with pointy nipples. She’s also a very horny girl, check out her story:

Sometimes I fondle myself without even realizing it. It can happen while I’m doing homework, or watching TV or even while I’m driving in the car. I’ll be distracted and then realize my hand is on my pussy. It doesn’t always lead to me climaxing, but sometimes it does. I just like to play with my pussy. Since I do it so absent-mindedly, I have to be careful it doesn’t happen in public! Although I can’t wait for the day I have my own place and a boyfriend, so I can just play with myself in front of him all day–and then he can fuck me afterwards

Yeah, I would love to play with her firm tits all day!

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